Rally Co-Driver Forced To Give Awkward Pointy Directions With His Hands

Screencap via WRC
Screencap via WRC

Rally co-drivers sometimes talk a mile a minute through their cars’ intercoms to give drivers vital information about what’s next on the stage road, but what happens when those intercoms fail? Pointing. Lots of pointing. Also, some frantic gesturing.

Driver Lorenzo Bertelli and co-driver Simone Scattolin of the Fuckmatiè World Rally Team (real name!) lost their intercom on the Friday of the World Rally Championship’s mega-twisty Tour de Corse.


Not only did this force Scattolin to do lots of pointing and gesturing, but he also had to communicate how tight or open upcoming corners were by holding up a number with his fingers.

That’s some frantic hand action right there. Sign language pros may still have him beat, but for someone used to the spoken word, that’s pretty impressive.

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