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Rally Champ Colin McRae Killed in Helicopter Crash; Son Feared Dead

A helicopter registered to ex-rally driver Colin McRae went down in Scotland earlier today. No word on how many people were on board, but there were no survivors. Details as we know them. [UPDATE: The worst has been confirmed by the Times — McRae was killed in the crash. His five-year-old son was also on board, and is feared dead.][Sky News]

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Man, what a bummer >:( I had the most cargasmic weekend, culminating in our first anniversary trackday (I thought it might also be our last, but she ended up actually having alot of fun) with my sweetheart, soulmate, and wife yesterday. She even got to pass a Pantera in her A6! OK, he wasn't trying, but it still made her day after all those blue flags thrown at her. And then I come back to work and read about this truly sad event. Even more uncool than when Carl Sagan passed. My wife got to know realm 2 yesterday, and today, Colin and his son (and possibly others...)get to meet the realm beyond. Further proof that god doesn't really exist, or is at least bipolar and/or spiteful, IMO.

Don't forget to pour out the last gram or so of that 5w30 Mobil1 for our dead homies next oil change. My turbos will be spooling a little slower for a while.