Racing’s Worst High Five Caught On Camera

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What might be the worst high five in history was recorded on international television at this weekend's Formula One race in Austin. It is worthy of your shame.

Everyone should know that if you look at the other guy's elbow when giving a high five, the hand-smackage turns out perfectly every time. Every time.


This on-screen festival of fail celebrating Lewis Hamilton's pass on Sebastian Vettel for the lead was broadcast around the globe and seen by 117,427 other spectators at the inaugural Austin GP.

Why those 117,427 other people did not mercilessly pummel these two awkward dudes for their crime against high fives worldwide is beyond us. Please, stand up for good high fives and remember the elbow.

Photo Credit: jovo3dsmax/SKY

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Brian, The Life of

Huh. Am I the only one who didn't know about the elbow thing?