Racing Green: F1 to Get Hybrids in 2009, Sort Of

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The viscounts of Formula One have spoken: There shalt be hybrid propulsion systems, beginneth in the year of our Lord two thousand and nine. Make the seven-figure checketh out to "FIA." Seriously, hybrids are probably coming to F1, though we're not sure what form they will take quite yet. Check out the crazy FIA's UN-style wording, via Speed TV's interpreters:

The governing body and the squads agreed on the FIA preparing draft regulations for the recovery and reuse of energy (hybrid systems) for introduction in '09, the manufacturers to prepare draft regulations for devices to use waste heat and exhaust gases to assist the engines in propelling the cars, and the establishment of a working group to discuss means to restrict the use of wind tunnels, simulators (test rigs), simulations and where appropriate, the numbers of personnel.


Everyone got that?

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The FIA drives me nuts with their idiocy in bad choices for F1, obscure rules, and selective penalty assignment.

Some BAD policy changes in the recent history:

1. No tire changes?! Whew glad that one is over...

2. Freeze on engine development!

3. Single Lap qualifying. At least the new system is good.

4. 2 Races/engine 10 spot penalty for early replacement.

5. Grooved tires

6. Narrower chassis

Now I'm all about allowing hybrids, but I think they need to open the rules up a bit not restrict them more. There is an interesting graph that shows in the 60's and again in the 80's were both times when the fastest to slowest car ratio was WAY out of proportion, was also the times where people enjoyed the racing the most! Turbo cars of the 80's are practically legendary.

The FIA should back off, focus on safety, pick a couple of major restrictions to slow the cars down to reasonable levels, and let the innovation flourish by allowing new interesting changes in the sport.

Just one guys opinion...