Students from the Imperial College of London have spent the past four months driving the Pan-American Highway from Alaska to Argentina in an electric sports car. They cross their finish line today after 13,000 miles and several breakdowns.

The Racing Green Endurance team has spent the past few years perfecting a 400-hp two-seat racer built off the SR8 chassis from Radical Sportscars. Thanks to its light weight and 56 kWh of lithium batteries, the SRZero can travel more than 250 miles on a charge.


For some of the trip, the students managed more than that thanks to mid-day recharging. But their epic travel also included a litany of mechanical and technical challenges, from talking random gas station operators into sharing a charge to replacing broken shock absorbers along the road in Argentina; a crash in Quito, Ecuador, knocked them out of business for a few days. But thanks to sponsors and the magic of worldwide Internet access, the car has kept rolling toward its final destination.

To read about their adventures, check here, or their Flickr feed featuring thousands of shots from their journey. More videos available at Electric Adventures.

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