Race on the Cheap, Keep the Car: The UK's Caterham Academy

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Sure, the numbers look better in British pounds than in US dollars, but that's a problem for accountants. For the past decade, wannabe racers in the UK — who find themselves light a few million — have had a pretty sweet, low-cost racing option. It's only 199 ($350) a month between couch and tarmac for racers that join the Caterham Academy. After 23 installments (plus a $7,000 down payment, and $17,300 lump-sum payment - yikes), they can drive off in their own $30,000 Caterham Roadsport, after having taken part in eight rounds of sprints, hillclimbs and races on tracks like Silverstone, Goodwood and Cadwell Park. Plus, they get tech support and driver instruction and help getting a National B racing license. Yeah, you can keep paintball.


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