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Race For Me, Stuttgart! More Packages From AMG

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Expansion of AMG's design studio continues unabated, with the division introducing new, track-day aero and brake packages for the CLS, SLK and SL Benz models — upgrades the house-brand tuning shop will slot into its "custom" series. They're on a major push to win some of the Euros they've ceeded to independent tuners over the past decades, though this superficial stuff is only one in a multithreaded strategy of aftermarket add-ons, special editions and DTM supercars. Available kit includes body kits, cross-drilled ventilated discs and various manner of alloy jewelry. Motor Authority offers some high-res imagery.


AMG provides new packages for improved racetrack performance [Motor Authority]

Go Ahead, Pimp Mein Auto: AMG Launches New Design Studio, New Limited-Edition Series [internal]


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Al Navarro

The crickets on this post are another reminder that somewhere, somehow, MB (and perhaps even AMG) lost the plot.

Where is the 500E when we need it? Now they're all tangled up in Black Editions and 722 Editions and goodness knows what editions.

Trackday? F-ing MB could make whatever trackday car it wants to and a nicely prepped Westfield XTR will dismantle it titanium con-rod by titanium con-rod. On pretty much any track mortals have access to, the Nordschleife excepted.

I'm sure people will bring up some of MB's DTM hardware in defense, and I dodge and parry with similar full-on racecars from the usual suspects.