Following on the success of their papercraft NSX, Epson bolted one of their inkjet printers shotgun in an Ariel Atom to see if they could print a racetrack out via Wi-Fi faster than the car could drive it. Who wins?

Given this whole exercise was orchestrated by Epson, from the start we didn't believe anyone but the printer would win in a race of car-versus-printer around Rockingham Motor Speedway in the UK. Sure enough, that was the result. The inkjet printer came in at 01:19 and the car lapped the track in 01:24.

Still, props to Epson for at least picking good competition in the Ariel Atom — a super-light, super-fast track-gobbling machine. Perhaps the extra poundage of the cameras and printer weighed the car down too much? Or maybe the printer was cheating when it threw a few sheets of 24-lb in the driver's face.


Either way it's fun to watch the Top Gear-like production.