How Do You Justify Buying Something Stupid?

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Buying a car is never a rational process. When it comes to picking up something old, weird, and kind of terrible, things get extra-irrational.


For instance, my boss Matt recently bought a Merkur XR4Ti with a welded diff because hey, it reminded him of a Ford Sierra Cosworth. I might point out that Sierra Cosworths have working doors and engine cooling systems, but then I own a $1,500 Baja Bug and I’m really not one to talk. It’s practically a Porsche, right?

So what’s your justification for making a questionably-rational automotive purchase, be it in terms of components, tires, paint, or a whole car?


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I use this formula:

1. Do I want this?

2. Can I afford it?

3. Do I have space for it?

4. If yes to all of the above, go for it. No other rationalization needed, really. If you've got the money and space and it won't kill your budget, then "I want it" should be reason enough.