Quick Thinking Russian Truck Driver Avoids Killing A Man By Inches

While dash cams catch a bunch of crazy accidents, they are also in cars for another reason: To prevent insurance scams. People fake getting hit by cars to collect money. If that was this man's plan, then he really went all the way.


This man is crossing the street in Russia when things take a decided turn for the worst. As the light turns green, he dives under the wheels of the truck, in what seems like an attempt to kill himself. Perhaps he had a life insurance policy that his family could collect?

The truck driver sees him out of his rearview mirror and immediately slams the brakes. The man, who apparently realized that truck isn't going to run him over, gets up and walks away really nonchalantly, as if he was just getting up from a nap in a field.


Of course, it was all captured on a nearby camera, as is everything on the roads in Russia.

(Hat Tip to Automatch!)

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Ever since I got a dash cam last week, I've been waiting for this stuff to happen. All I've caught are people switching lanes in tunnels and 3 cops blowing thru traffic with no lights on.