Question of the Day: Your Top Ten Iconic Cars

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We imagine the sultans of Zurich Private Parts Clients sitting in some maliciously expensive haunt in the old town, mulling over their Top Ten Iconic Cars. Actually, we're not picturing them at all, because they're actually just cryogenically frozen heads hooked to one of those old ticker-tape machines. Their picks were surely numbered the most expensive exotics, but are they really icons? Some of you said no. So which are? Drop your lists into the comments, and don't limit yourselves to new models. That'd be too confining. Like being cryogenically frozen.


Swiss Moneybags Names Ferrari Enzo Most Iconic Automobile [internal]

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Any Jeep CJ/Wrangler with round headlights.

Any Porsche 911 that does not require antifreeze. And, no, 996's in tropical climes don't count.

The old Beetle.

'66 Mustang fastback.

The '68-'82 (CIII) Corvette (not the best, but the longest running, and the image that comes to mind when someone says Corvette).

Ferrari 308/328 GTB. (Again, the car that first springs to mind when someone says Ferrari, unfortunate associations with mustachioed private eyes notwithstanding).

1957 Chevrolet.

1932 Ford 3-window coupe/roadster. The iconic hot rod.

Shelby Cobra.

Land Rover.

Honorable Mention: Citroen 2CV, '68-'70 Dodge Charger, '66 GTO, Datsun 240Z, Lambo Countach, the old Mini, any pre-Bangle BMW 3-series, E-type Jag, Ford GT40, Porsche 550 Spyder, Alfa Sypder, MGB, and Benzo 300SL Gullwing.