Question Of The Day: Most Legendary V8 Of All Freakin' Time?

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After the agonized debate over the most legendary inline six of all time, we have no choice but to roll this grenade into the room!


So what's your choice for the all-time most legendary V8 ever made? As was the case last week, we're not going to give you a poll; instead, we encourage shit-talking and chest-thumping jingoism a thoughtful and well-reasoned debate, in which you'll all chant the name of your favorite V8 over and over enumerate the reasons for your choices. Detroit probably has the edge here, with icons such as the Flathead Ford V8, small-block Chevy, and Chrysler B, but Mercedes-Benz made the undeniably great M100, the Italians have built some excellent V8s, we mustn't overlook the Japanese, and even the Soviets made V8s. Some of you might even claim that the Triumph V8 is most legendary, for the toughness and patience it bred in owners and mechanics alike- hey, we're not going to question your madness logic! What's it going to be, and why?
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I'm pretty sure that the 5.0 Ford V8 is the only one that many common, non-gearhead people know about. It's legendary in that it brought the Mustang, not to mention every other car in the auto industry, out of the fuel crisis mindset and back to performance being king. There's also a huge following for these cars and motors, including a thriving performance modification industry. And I'm not biased at all. I've never owned a 5.0-equipped vehicle and drive mostly V-6 cars. It's either this or the Chevy 350...