Question Of The Day: Is Toyota Marketing The Tundra To Racers Or Roofers?

We just happened across a three-and-a-half minute video (above), that Toyota's had out there on the interwebs for the past few weeks. Toyota says the video is a re-creation of AMCI-certified testing of the new ToMoCo heavy hauler, the Tundra, versus "comparably equipped 4WD vehicles with optional larger V8s." AMCI's a marketing firm that finds areas where a model excels among competitors and designs scientific tests to promote it. They're the kings of the "superiorities" business, working with 73% of automakers to ensure that "not one claim bearing our name has ever been retracted due to legal challenge." Since Toyota's AMCI-certified tests appear unassailable on "0-60 acceleration" and "accelerating from 20-60," is Toyota marketing this truck with a message that traditional truck buyers are looking for?

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