The Queen is going green, converting her two custom $15 million Bentley Limos to run on bio-ethanol, preempting an effort by Bentley to do the same for its entire fleet.

Queen Elizabeth the II, who lives rent free in several state-owned mansions and castles — the poorly insulated kind that are a bitch to heat in the winter — travels by a state-owned private jet and requires a security detail that uses many fossil fuel powered cars, trucks, motorcycles and helicopters, has decided to do her bit for the environment. The biofuel conversion is estimated to increase the fuel economy of her two, scarcely used, Bentleys by a staggering 40%. How? By burning some of her tiny island nation’s food supply in place of gasoline. Bentley is expected to introduce a similar system for its range of luxury cars by 2012, allowing similarly well-heeled individuals to feel better about themselves while dining on imported fine foodstuffs.


Last summer, Prince Charles, the Queen’s doting son, converted his Aston Martin DB6 to run on ethanol produced from surplus wine. It’s not known which fuel source the Queen will use to power her Bentleys. [via The Daily Mail]

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