What Wacky Motorsport Should Be Given A Shot?

Yesterday, Jason showed us how incorporating another level of challenge to truck racing might make the sport a lot more exciting to watch. It’s a great idea for a motorsport that isn’t just about driving fast, and I know I would definitely watch some Moving Day Drag Racing. Okay, I would definitely watch a collision super-cut from it on my phone at 2 AM.


I was already thinking about wild motorsports this week, though, because on this past Wednesday ESPN8 “The Ocho” of Dodgeball fame was back, featuring lesser-known sports like Chess Boxing, Stone Skipping and the National Electricians Championship, culminating in what else but a dramatic comeback win for the American Dodgeball team over Canada.. Between those feats of athleticism, though, were a number of motorsports that don’t usually get much TV coverage. ESPN aired Lawnmower racing, School Bus Figure 8 races and the riveting European Tram Driver Championship.

Do you have an idea for a motorsport that pushes the bounds of imagination? Let us know down in the comments!

Max Finkel is a Weekend Contributor at Jalopnik.



We need a real-life Mario Kart. I’m thinking a version of the Razer karts that can drift, with electonically controlled drift rather than a lever. So if you hit a “banana” which would be more like a chipped pad you drop on the ground you would go into drift/spin. Green shells could be a laser-tag-style gun that would disable power for a second, and mushrooms could be electric boost. You could have leagues all over the country with a standardized kart setup based on weight like the game (light, medium, heavy). The more I think about it the better it sounds.

We need to get this set up yesterday.