QOTD: What Did You Miss Out On This Summer?

I saw a couple of snowflakes yesterday. It was jarring because I hardly remember anything that happened after the first week of March. It’s like we skipped over the summer entirely.


But watching IMSA run at Laguna Seca brought me right back to poking around the pits at the Monterey Historics, walking up the dusty hill to the Corkscrew and getting sunburned listening to old rich guys driving their old race cars. I’ve been lucky enough to somehow find my way out to Monterey just about every summer for the last several years and, while missing it this year didn’t even rise to the level of disappointment given everything else that was happening at the time, I will admit that I’ve been catching myself thinking fondly about Laguna, Daytona, Belle Isle, and Indy lately. I miss being at the track.

What about you? What did you miss out on this summer?

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Some of mine was because of a ridiculously busy summer at work on top of Covid but:

Not a single skydive

Maybe 100 miles on the motorcycle

One day on the trails with the Jeep

No rock climbing

Didn’t see a beach


No birthday parties

No shooting competitions (no indoor range time either)

Couldn’t coach youth cross country

Doesn’t look like there will be a wrestling season for my son (which I also coach)

It’s been some summer.