QOTD: What Car Would You Overspend On?

Back in the heady days of the early 2000s collector car boom, I watched, astonished, as someone paid $126,000 (IIRC) for an Amphicar. As the news came in by telegraph, it dawned on Amphicar owners all over the country that their Amphicar was suddenly a blue chip collectable.


The Acura Integra Type R is not an Amphicar, it’s much better on the road than an Amphicar and it may only be slightly worse in the water.

It may also be at the beginning of it’s upward swing in value. But, people were still shocked when the one pictured above hit $58,500 on Bring a Trailer a while back. But that’s the thing about larger than expected auction sales, it just takes two or more bidders who really want the car.

Which brings me to the Question of The Day: Is there a car that you’re sure is just starting to realize its potential? Is there something you’re irrationally in love with? What car is worth getting into a bidding war for you?

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Don't know what I got

Too afraid to give anyone ideas.  If we’re all quiet, maybe the prices won’t go up.