QOTD: What Car Were You Glad To See Go?

In the early aughts, I paid $600 for a black ’69 Ford LTD Sedan (not pictured above) to serve daily driver duty. It had a big block, red interior and slow but functional hideaway headlights. It also had an exhaust leak bad enough to cause nausea on even short trips and frame rails so rusty you could squish them between your fingers. It also had a faint, persistent puke smell.


Once I discovered the frame rail situation and determined that I didn’t have a good way to fix it myself, I called Craigslist, filled out a money order and placed an ad. A few weeks later, a stout farmer in a little Dodge Caravan came and dug the LTD out of the snowbank. He was so happy that I almost didn’t sweat the $100 I lost on the deal. It was one of just a couple of cars I don’t regret selling. Too much.

What about you? Is there a car you were glad to be rid of?

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In 2008 I purchased a 1991 Mercedes 560SEL for $4,500. It was GOREGOUS, inside and out, perfect interior, perfect exterior. It was the height of Mercedes luxury when it was made, so it had some truly incredible features for the time, like heated seats, power reclining rear bench, dual horns, whole bunch of goodies.

I owned the car for about 2 years and ended up giving it away for free after pouring $20k into it for repairs. It wasn’t just that every time something broke, it was insanely expensive to replace — the brake pads had sensors in them that made idiot lights on the dash light up if they were worn down, so they cost like $500 each to replace; the driver’s window at one point stopped going down and that was a $1,500 repair — it’s that there was a catastrophic problem with the engine that I was never able to solve that made driving the car unsafe and absurdly expensive.

See, there was something wrong somewhere in the engine — never did figure out what — that both made the engine prone to stalling at idle at made incomprehensibly thick billowing clouds of black smoke come out of the tailpipe. When I say thick clouds, I mean “if it downshifts on the highway a smoke cloud thick enough to block the entire view of 3 lanes of traffic behind me will belch out of it.” It only got around 3 mpg (not a typo) because so much of the gasoline I poured into it ended up going directly out the back of the tailpipe in the form of unburned hydrocarbons. Also, the engine would just stall below 1,500 rpm, so whenever I was stopped at a traffic light, I had to put it in neutral and rev the engine so I wouldn’t just be stopped dead in the middle of traffic.

Man I hated that car.