QOTD: Choose Your Mural

Yesterday’s biggest post was a delightful little jaunt through the world of Russian airbrush paint jobs. According to our contributor, Misha, the benefits of putting the dang Joker or the squirrel creature from Ice Age on the flank of your car goes beyond how objectively cool it is. It also reduces the risk of your car being stolen.


Do you love the wild majesty of your country? Put that love on your truck. Do you spend your time as an extremely groovy semi-pro motocross racer? Well, your Dodge Tradesmen van can and should reflect that. Hell, even a little vandalism can give a car a whole new feel.

We’re all on board here. What are you going with?

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The Normandy scene of Saving Private Ryan but with Pugs instead of humans.

I pretty much hate most of the other people on the road, and this seems like a good way to get back at them.