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Put Me On The First Nuke To Mars

Illustration for article titled Put Me On The First Nuke To Mars

He’s tweeting about nuking Mars again.


I’m there. Let’s do this. 

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Yet more proof that Musk is an idiot who got lucky when he sold PayPal for way too much money.

Mars isn’t cold because of a lack of sunlight. It’s cold because of a lack of atmosphere that can trap heat. The atmosphere is thin because there’s no magnetosphere to deflect solar radiation and protect the planet. Trying to warm Mars with nukes would only cause the oxygen, hydrogen, carbon dioxide, and other gasses currently trapped in the soil and ice to evaporate and be blown away, exacerbating the problem and making it impossible (rather than very, very difficult and expensive) to colonize the planet in the future.

Now if his idea was to drop a giant drill on the planet with the goal of dumping a bunch of nuclear material into the core in an effort to jump start the core and create a magnetosphere, he might be on to something. (It might also require dumping a whole bunch of nickle and iron into the core as well, but there are plenty of asteroids between here and there that could be used for that.) But, once again, Musk sees a problem and comes up with a solution that doesn’t consider any of the variables or difficulties inherent in the problem.