For our very own Richard Blakeley, this past week was an absolute auto-showgasm, as he was feted by every automaker from Audi to Volkswagen. But it would appear the experience registering as the New York Auto Show highlight for Gawker Media's videographer par excellence was his ride in the backseat of a Bentley from Park Avenue and 72nd Street to the Central Park Boathouse for a little soir e for the new Brooklands coupe. As you can see, Richard's all about anything involving shiny little knobs and buttons — so in many ways, the back seat of a Bentley's probably the happiest place on earth to him. Although normally when we're holding the simultaneous thoughts "backseat of a car" and "push it real good" in our mind, we're usually thinking about other things. But maybe that's just how we roll.

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