Purported Audi Internal Product Release Schedule Leaks on to Internet, Reveals Underpowered Audi TT-S

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A number of Audi fan forums across the internet have a spreadsheet showing up that purportedly shows a list of each and every product launch in Germany for 2008 (high-res shot here). Included in the spreadsheet are such noted notables as the Q5 and Q7 V12 TDI at the end of the third quarter, the Audi TT-S listed in the second quarter and the A4 Avant is listed with a spring 2008 reveal. But, what's most interesting is the power number revealed by the document for the Audi TT-S.


The document claims the new S-uperpowered TT is rated at a mere 269 HP, much lower than the predicted 280 horses sources claimed the new up-powered TT would achieve with the 2.0-liter TFSI engine found in the S3. Will TT-heads still buy it? Our bet is yes — but it surely disappoints given the previous conjecture. Well, who knows — maybe it's just Audi low-balling their HP numbers again.

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So a 269 HP TT-S, only 11 HP less than hoped (7 HP less from other sources) will dissappoint? Agreed, a 30 HP increase *looks* better on paper.

What about torque, or entire power curves? It still makes me wonder how only one point on those curves can define to gearheads how much a car sucks or wins. My old 220 HP SHO had a very flat torque curve, and pulled hard right up to redline, enough so that it could keep up with a "much more powerful" 240 HP Altima.