Last week firefighters in Texas spent ages using water, elbow grease, real grease, and finally a Sawzall to free a wayward dog who'd wedged its head through the center of a car wheel. This also happened in Fresno not that long ago. Dogs, get it together already!


A cat in an engine bay I can understand; it's so cozy and warm in that dingy steel pit of sharp edges. But why wedge your face into a wheel, dogs of the world? Yeah, for something to eat probably. I get it, carry on then.

What's amazing about this rescue is that the firefighters were able to cut the rim up without hurting the animal. Nice job, team.

Calls like this are what throw fire department statistics off and make it look like they "never fight fires." But being a fireman's about more than spraying water at burning buildings; the extrication skills and tools firefighters have make them a much more versatile public service than they sometimes get credit for.

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