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Property-Value-Lowering Force Field... ENGAGED!

Illustration for article titled Property-Value-Lowering Force Field... ENGAGED!

There's something satisfying about the sight of the Murilee Martin Motor Pool.

Is it the beat-to-hell Civic covered with stickers and Citroën emblems? The fact that I own Project Car Hell Vehicle Numero Uno? Or the ex-parole-officer Crown Vic P71 with the big ol' cop-dazed-by-donuts telephone-pole dent in the door? Yes!


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Back in New England this is what we call a 'Vermont Planter'. This one is lying fallow for a season, but give it a few decades and the hood will be off and there'll be a sugar maple where that 302 used to be. When you're ready to retire to the big leagues, Murilee, Vermont will be there for you.