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Here's a link that combines pics of a cleverly designed, prop-driven land speeder with a running message board flame session between the car's builder and some resident instigators (kind of a two-for-one). According to the car's builder, Franklin Ratliff, the project took nine years and approximately $17,000, along with help from experts like rocket bike builder Avril Porter, jet dragster expert Wayne Knuth, motorsports engineer Kurt Damron and chassis maven Tim Takash. It's gone between 50 and 60 mph during private (i.e., unsanctioned) on-road tests. It's constructed from a chromemoly tubing spaceframe embedded inside a foamcore fiberglass sandwich composite that, according to the builder, serves as part of the structure. As for the flameouts, they're not quite as clever. [Thanks to Scott for the tip.]

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