Proof The Chinese Are Spending Our Debt Wisely

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There's no standardized Chinese police car, like the Crown Vic, so they tend to get creative. This Mercedes S-Class cruiser is hard to top. It almost makes you want to become a political dissident.


On the scale of Chinese police cars, which are typically no more luxurious than a VW Santana, the S-Class ranks fairly high. We'd personally like to get into a chase with the MG TF police convertible, if only because there's no backseat in which to transport us after being arrested. The S-Class is great, though, and we'd much rather get picked up in one of these than one of these.


[Auto Sohu via The Tycho]

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Ash78, voting early and often

The weirdly ironic part about the 911 I posted above is that the rest of this police dept (Hoover, AL) has NOTHING but Chevy Tahoe SUVs. Literally, not one patrol car remaining.

If I were doing something wrong and saw one of those start to chase me, I'd actually think about running. The police shouldn't use cars that look too slow to catch you, or too wimpy to run you off the road. That's why the Panthers kicked ass for so long.