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The Blackman-Leoni Township Department of Public Safety is more than a little embarrassed after an under-dressed chemist took one of the Department's Chevy Tahoes on a scorchingly fast three-county Interstate run before colliding with traffic at a police blockade.


34-year-old Ryan Elliott Cunningham is now charged with a flock of felonies, including theft of a police vehicle and (big surprise here) two methamphetamine-related violations. Admissible evidence will likely include some eyebrow-raising video from the Tahoe's dashtop camera, featuring what had to be triple-digit speeds and passes that would make Kyle Busch blanch.

The kicker came at the roadblock that ended the chase, when Cunningham threaded the big speeding SUV between the two stopped lanes of traffic before slamming into multiple cars. The impact jarred the camera off its mount, giving us a view of the driver — or at least his choice of underwear from that morning.


Folks, messing around with meth is evil, and stealing a police car is classically stupid, but if you're going to be this insane at least have the decency to dress appropriately. Have you learned nothing from Breaking Bad?

(Hat tip to Jason Moore!)

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