According to AutoExpress Hyundai's Kia brand is working up a new sports-car concept for this year's Frankfurt show that could go head to head with the Audi TT. It'll be a high-concept play, much like the KCV-III concept (shown) introduced in Frankfurt in 2003. It's no real surprise, considering Kia's European design boss is Peter Schreyer, from whose hand came the first-generation Bauhaus TT. The Kia counterpart is codenamed Project Snowflake, a riff on Schreyer's Audi nickname of Raindrop (must be a riot working down there). The concept will be powered by a new, turbocharged 2.0-liter, which will show up in a new hot-hatch version of Hyundai's Cee'd. Word is the concept could hit production by 2009.

Kia plans to topple TT [AutoExpress]

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