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Project Kahn's Range Rover Sport

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Folks at the UK's Project Kahn tuning house (sorry, bespoke design artisans) say they were disappointed with the final, roadgoing version of Range Rover s Range Stormer concept (for those playing along at home, that'd be the Range Rover Sport). Screw going off-road, those Kahn artists said, what about freaking on-road? Thus, like all good tuning shops do, they launched the Project Kahn Range Rover Stage 2 — to which "off-roading" involves a valet and a crisp $20 — with a new body styling kit and 22 RS-D wheels on the outside, engine chip upgrade and quad exhaust in the pipeline, and perforated leather steering wheel; chrome wing vents and front bumper bezels; smoked rear lamps; side steps, and tinted glass as jewelry. Stormer, indeed. At home on the range? Not so much.


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