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Project 1221 Announces Deal with Turbine Engine Supplier

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This image was lost some time after publication.

The long-anticipated Project 1221 supercar may wind up as the most elaborate retro play since the Chevy SSR, considering it'll be powered by the same method as the 1954 Firebird I concept car (pictured), according to an announcement from the project team yesterday.


According to the secretive Project 1221, the company struck a deal with Williams International, a supplier of gas turbine engines, confirming speculation that the project's MF1 supercar concept won't have pistons. In a news release, the company noted that, from its inception, its plan had always been to power its pending line of supercars with gas turbine engines provided by Williams, but that new developments have upped the projected horsepower figure by 30%.

A statement released by the company reads, "All the planned Project 1221 supercars will provide the private-jet experience on four wheels, thus becoming the supreme transport devices on land."


We'd hate to be there when the US Department of Transportation and EPA give it the kabosh, or during crash testing.

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