ProDrive's P2 Gets The Top Gear Sub Four Second Treatment

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The gents over at BBC Two's bestest automotive show in the British empire had some fun this week driving ProDrive's two-seater named the P2. We saw this little deuce coupe with a kick back in January and if you remember, it's based on the Subaru Impreza STi's engine and four-wheel drive system — with some fun stuff added in by the folks at ProDrive. The little Brit power car company has taken their twenty years of experience with Subaru world rally cars to make this bad boy go zed to 62 in sub-four seconds — with a top speed of 175 mph. ProDrive's not planning on making the car, but if a manufacturer wants to jump in on the fun, they'll be able to sell the car for around 40,000 ($74,000). Just let us know when we get to test it.


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I just question the fact that it seems to have no diverter valve. The compressor surge he is hearing is a terrifyingly funny sound.... makes me imaging 6 compressor blades exploding into a thousand pieces and getting sucked into an intake.

Antilag stock is nice though... maybe the car just needs to replace the cheapo turbo every 10,000 mi :)