Probably The Most Redneck Trike Ever

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Have a motorcycle without an engine. How about a running Ford Escort with T-bone-itis? Need to get you're 80s three-wheeler trailered somewhere? Boy have we got a solution for you. Feast your eyes on this camouflaged Escort trike.


This beast was spotted in Amite county Mississippi, where curious onlookers couldn't help but gape in a combination of awe, wonder, and fear. The builder is no-doubt a strong contender for the upcoming Redneck of the Year Awards, and rightly so, it takes a certain kind of genius to chop the entire center section of a Ford escort out, weld the front and back together, then affix a motorcycle frame to the front end. Not only is this thing put together with a disturbingly high level of quality, it's probably pretty fast too — note the spoiler on the hood/trunk to keep things stable.

The entire picture is complete when the owner and his significant other come out to take off. Trailer full of three-wheeler in tow. That right there folks is American ingenuity at its finest. (Thanks for the tip Nate)

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I can't believe this isn't at Walmart...