The future King of England, Prince William Duke of Cambridge is searching for a job among the commoners, and seems keen on becoming an air ambulance pilot.

He's already a private pilot, and has also flown search and rescue missions for the Royal Air Force, but gave up his wings a year ago to fully embrace the royal life, according to The Daily Telegraph. He would need to earn a commercial license in order to take on his hopeful role flying air ambulances.

Prince William gives Queen Elizabeth II a tour around a search & rescue helicopter. [Getty]


He would work with the East Anglian air ambulance service, which would keep him close to home with Princess Kate Middleton, and their son, Prince George. His father, Prince Charles is supportive of Will's goal, and has said in the past that he regrets leaving the Royal Navy so soon.

Avweb reports that the East Anglian Air Ambulance service is a charity organization running only on donated funds, and flies five missions per day on average.


Top image: Prince William in his flight suit. [Getty]