Illustration for article titled Prince Charles Begins Construction Of Worlds Largest GTL Plant

Liquid fuel created from natural gas (also known as Gas To Liquid or GTL) burns mighty clean, particularly when compared to icky old sulfur-laden diesel fuel. And after years of planning (and Exxon backing out of the project at the last minute), the government of Qatar and its partner, Shell Oil, broke ground on their huge new plant today, with the Prince of Wales hisself wielding the trowel on the cornerstone. The plan is for 140,000 barrels of GTL to be produced daily, with 1,000-ft-lb diesels exhaling naught but clover-scented goodness to be installed in all cars soon after.


Qatar launches world's largest GTL project [Gulf Times]

Mmmm...Thirst-Quenching Motor Fuel! Shell, ExxonMobil Create Cleaner-Burning, Non-Lethal Fuel [internal]


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