Primedia Sells Enthusiast Side Of Self For $1.2 Billion

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Looks like Motor Trend, Automobile and Hot Rod — among many other enthusiast books — are being traded to Source Interlink, the home-entertainment distributor, for a wad of 1.2 billion dollar bills. Source Interlink's best known for their supply chain system that serves up magazines, books and DVD's to about 110,000 retail store locations. We're assuming with such a powerful and technological savvy supply chain operation, we won't be seeing any more embargo breaks due to "not knowing when the magazines hit the stands." But we digress — the deal sends over the entire enthusiast division at Primedia including all 70 magazine titles, 90 websites, 60 event programs and 400 branded products. That's right, branded products — like the above Motor Trend 10 million candlepower cordless rechargeable spotlight (available now on sale from Amazon for only $30.99 — remember folks, Motor Trend — the brand is a name you can trust!). Check out some more of the branded products below.

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