Prepare to Die! Spinning Pruett, Montoya Wins First Nascar Race

It took a tricky road course and the spinout of a pole-placing teammate to get former F1-hothead Juan Pablo Montoya into his first Nascar win yesterday. With eight laps to go in the Telcel-Motorola 200 in Mexico, Montoya paint-swapped with leader Scott Pruett, spinning him to a stop like a CHP putting the clampdown on a perp fleeing in an '88 Lumina. Pruett said the incident was a matter of Montoya's "lowdown, nasty, dirty driving" on the 2.518-mile Aut dromo Hermanos Rodriguez course. But Montoya, while apologetic, chalked it up to an accident he vaguely blamed on Pruett's choice of racing line. The jury's out on who's responsible. We're blaming the gentle giant, Fezzik.

Montoya win leaves Pruett fuming [CNN]



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