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Pregnant Lady Seatbelt Goes Over Thighs, Not Stomach

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Because our extensive readership research has determined that I have a better chance of playing Segway Polo with Bob Lutz than finding a pregnant lady reading Jalopnik, we present the Tummy Shield, a seatbelt for the pregnant ladies. Just because pregnant women may not frequent this Web site that is exceptionally courteous to women doesn't mean that the others reading won't ever have someone in their life that is knocked up. The Tummy Shield keeps a woman and her baby safe while in the car. Instead of having the seatbelt directly cross over the womb, the Tummy Shield goes over the thighs, still keeping baby and mama secure while also providing peace of mind that a cloth strap isn't potentially harming the future hoon. It's available directly from the manufacturer for $188. [Tummy Shield via Gizmag]