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The Saab watchers at Trollhattan Saab rounded up the latest dirt on the next rebadged (sorry, guys) appropriated GM product to round out the Saab line. Word came down late last year that a new crossover would join the Swedish bunch, culled from GM's upcoming line of midsize CUVs, like the Buick Entourage and Saturn Outlook. Now, Wards talked with Saab Boss Jay Spenchian, who says such a vehicle would substitute the truck-based 9-7X SUV after GM updates the platform that underpins it. Wards uses the vague construction "slots in for" instead of "replace," however, so we're far from definite on this. Still, TS has more to say, as per usual.

9-4x is coming [Trollhattan Saab]

Saab Looks to GM for Saaburu Replacement


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