Powerball Winner Will Use His Money To Buy Awesome Used Car

Paul White of Ham Lake, Minnesota is a lucky fellow. On August 7, he became one of three people nationwide to hit the Powerball jackpot, getting his share of $448 million split three ways. What he plans to do with that money should make any Jalopnik reader stand up and cheer.


The Huffington Post says that after taxes, White's share entitles him to a lump sum of $58.3 million. While he says he's too busy to quit his engineer job, it should be more than enough to buy his dream car: an Acura NSX.

He's even found himself a very cherry one nearby that he has his eyes on. Skip to about eight minutes in to hear what he says when he's asked what he's always wanted to buy:

You know, honestly, I think it sounds kind of crazy, but... Acura makes this car. I used to have an Acura Integra back in 1988. I loved that little car. Well, they made this car, I don't think they make it anymore, it's called an NSX, and it does the slalom in like 78 miles an hour or something, it's just crazy.

They don't make them anymore, but there's one I've been watching on Craigslist for a few months, and I think it's 30 grand and it's got like 12,000 miles on it. It's a '91 or '92 or something like that. I'm going to Eau Claire.

From one guy who trawls online classifieds looking for dream cars to another, Mr. White, I salute you.

Hat tip to Alan Bradford!


Let's all post the mid-engined sports cars from the early 90s we would buy if we won the lottery...I know you all have your short-lists!