Potrero Hill Claims Excursion Limo Hosers

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Ah, Potrero Hill. It stands as one of our favroite parts of SF, even if we once did spend way too much time at SF General trying to figure out if our then-girlfriend had been pregnant, which was way less dramatic and more boring (though it likely featured more Xanax) than the whole McQueen-guarding-hospital-room segment of Bullitt. OTOH, this shot of a stretch Excursion high-centered at 18th and Connecticut fills our heart with exceptional amounts of glee. So much, glee in fact, that while it doesn't match the thrill of seeing Jawbreaker or Green Day play a secret show at the foot of Potrero Hill, it actually gets rather close. [Thanks to Brendan for the tip.]

Potrero ... yes it really is a ... Hill [Potrero Hill]

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