Possible Hummer H9T Mule For Sale On Ebay

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Has there ever been much doubt the Hummer brand would continually march up the numerical ladder while downsizing its products? We started with the H1, moved on to the H2, and then the H3 and Hummer H3T. It seems inevitable there will be an H4, H5, H6 and...you get the picture. But we may have caught proof of the General's trickery early on with what we're speculating must be the Hummer H9T, based on relative size reduction between previous models. The cleverly designed mini-Hummer obviously takes advantage of the design heritage of the brand, but bucks at least two Hummer brand trends by making room for passengers and visibility a priority.

But the design does get an upgrade as we see an intelligent choice by GM to move away from the seven bar grille and that silly never-ending argument with Chrysler's Jeep division. Finally, this model purports to be the greenest Hummer yet, with an all-electric powertrain — that should get the envirocrats off of GM's back for a while, or at least reduce the number of H2 barbecues. [eBay]

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@no_slushbox: GM doesn't have to pay anything to put the name "Hummer" on anything. They own the name. Just like they don't have to pay to label something "Chevrolet".

"Hummer" didn't exist as a brand until GM registered it.