Possible Alfa Romeo SUV Spotted?

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We have a bit of a mystery on our hands here. A loyal reader sent over a bagful of shots he managed to grab of what appear to be some seriously camouflaged Fiats traipsing through what we have been led to believe is Peru. The two testers — a sedan and two SUV-type vehicles and although the sedan is somewhat easy to identify — it's got to be a Fiat Linea, a Linea test vehicle or a Fiat Grande Punto sedan — what it's doing in camo is hard to say. The SUV's the intriguing one. At first pass it looks like a Palio Adventure (for the South American market), though it appears to be riding slightly higher. Then we remembered the Alfa Romeo 4x4 mule spotted dolled up as a Fiat Palio. This comes on the heels of a mention of the Alfa SUV as part of the company's planned turn around. We may be stretching, but we're not sure why they'd cover up a Palio. Any thoughts? (Thanks to Alfonso).

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But if it funds and development and restoration of the marque, ala Porsche and the dread Cayenne, why should we Alfisti resist it? Let Alfa sell a pick-up as long as it it tempered by their building small displacement sports cars. It's been almost 15 years since the we in the US have had Alfas to purchase; we are getting very very edgy (and tired of rebuilding the Spica)