Porsche's 'Magic Mirror' Turns Any Car Into A Macan

Illustration for article titled Porsches Magic Mirror Turns Any Car Into A Macan

Automakers are always going on about "aspirational" cars, so Porsche devised a plan to stoke the flames, transforming unwitting shoppers' cars into the new Macan with its "Magic Mirror".


Despite its name, no mirrors or wizards were employed. Instead, Porsche teamed up with interactive ad agency Thinkingbox to create the illusion of cars transforming into the lil CUV when drivers rolled into the valet station at the Westfield Century City Mall in LA.


The team employed a set of video cameras and some trick CG to overlay a rendering of the Macan on top of drivers' cars when they drove through. The mirror images were displayed on a dozen high-def flatscreens, giving the illusion that their moribund ride just went up in value.

It's pretty impressive, and over the course of 10 days over 900 drivers got the chance to let their aspirations run wild – unless they were driving, say, a Cayenne.

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Arch Duke Maxyenko, Shit Talk Extraordinaire

So, if a Macan drives by does it show that Macan or a fake Macan? Because the thought of myself driving in a fake Macan while driving a real Macan is Macan me crazy.