Porsche's Le Mans Contender Will Be A Four Cylinder Hybrid

Illustration for article titled Porsches Le Mans Contender Will Be A Four Cylinder Hybrid

Porsche has a long tradition of building four cylinder hybrid race cars. So it should come as no surprise that Porsche's latest Le Mans contender runs that very traditional powertrain.


As of right now, the only details we have is that the car will have direct injection, four cylinders, and be a hybrid. We had already kind of anticipated that the LMP1 car would have four cylinder power and a hybrid, so this isn't the biggest shock in the world.

But as our friends at Piston Heads point out, Porsche also clumsily added a line to their release that this tech should help add to their road car development. That means a four cylinder road car hybrid fun machine could be on the way.


We've heard that the Macan might get a four cylinder in the base model, and there's also word of a four cylinder for the Cayman and Boxster.

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