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At current rates of return, Porsche will own the auto industry by 2112 — just in time for President Geddy Lee's Cryogenically Frozen Head to rename Detroit "Stuttgart West." Led by strong sales of the 911 range, though bolstered by excellent showings from the new Cayman and Boxster, Porsche's after-tax profits hit $1.85 billion, which is around twice that of last year. But the company is managing expectations, lest VW shareholders get a whiff of empire building, and revolt against Porsche's plans to take an ownership stake. According to news reports today, Porsche execs say growth will stagnate for the next two years while the company finalizes its new, four-door Panamera, which will appear in 2009. (That means no more 100% growth rates for the time being.) Of course, after 2009, they say in the same breath, all hell will break loose. Let's just hope Detroiters can get used to the new "Voodvard Strasse."

Porsche Sees Little Profit Growth Before Panamera [Bloomberg]

Spy Video: 2010 Porsche Panamera; Jalopnik Poll: What If Porsche Gets Control of VW [internal]


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