The new Porsche 911 Turbo S will reportedly get 200 extra revs. This will not make it more powerful, but Porsche says they're doing it just "for fun." That's 7200 rpm from Germany with love.

In an interview given to FortyOneSix, Porsche powertrain boss Thomas Krickelberg revealed that despite peak power already being produced at 6500-6750 rpm, the Turbo S will rev to 7200 "for the fun and the sound of it," and because "drivers like higher revs". Damn right we do!


In order to get those extra wide smiles, the engine had to be redesigned too, with reinforced pistons and new connecting rods that are 2mm shorter than the regular turbo items due to the added material.

Is it possible that the new Turbo S will be more fun than a Toten Hosen gig after a gallon of beer?

Hat tip to Nicholas Prangnell/FortyOneSix!