Porsche To Return To Formula One. Maybe.

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Porsche's newly crowned CEO Matthias Müller, the white-haired guy on the right, says it's "not so funny" for both Audi and Porsche to be in Le Mans prototype racing, and one should shift over to Formula 1.


Considering Audi Sport's boss Wolfgang Ullrich has said that Audi and F1 don't fit, and since Audi has been working on the R18 for the 2011 Le Mans campaign, we can safely assume that in Porsche fashion, Müller is saying that the Stuttgart-based camp is considering F1.

Porsche hasn't put engines into a Formula 1 car since 1991, with a V12 that was rumored to have weighed more than 100 pounds heavier than its competitors.


Müller also said earlier that Volkswagen is considering entering NASCAR, since it has the factory in Chattanooga and wants to sell far more mid-size sedans to Americans.

I'm resisting the urge to make a Toyota reference.

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Well, they would have to buy a place on the grid, Lotus won't sell, maybe HRT or Virgin for the right price, Sauber. Others are hunting for a place too so it might be tough, but another works team is better than a back marker. Merc and Porsche haha, well there are plenty of German drivers, I say Porsche should get Klien...