Porsche to Introduce New Turbine Technology with 911 Turbo

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Porsche is celebrating the 100th anniversary of the invention of the turbocharger (November 16) by announcing a new turbo setup that will launch with its next-gen 911 Turbo. Variable Turbine Geometry (VTG) continuously adjusts the angle of the compressor s turbine blades to direct exhaust gases on to the turbine wheel optimally, increasing torque at low engine speeds, widening the torque range and increasing engine output at high speeds. According to Porsche, the high exhaust-gas temps had made such systems a guaranteed meltdown-maker for gas engines (turbodiesels have used variable blades since the early 1990s), but the company's new version applies materials from the aerospace industry to withstand the 1800-degree temperatures generated. If it all works as expected (and why should it not) the upcoming 911 Turbo will gain some driving refinement over the click-click-(boom!) response of previous models. We cannot wait.


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