Porsche Reveals All-Wheel-Drive 911 Cabrios

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Porsche just released official info on its newest all-wheel-drive 911 cabrio models, the 2006 Carrera 4 and 4S, indicating that — in addition to using all four wheels — the cars will employ nearly all of six figures. Once upon a time, such press announcements would lead with the 911's performance specs. These days, we learn the new models will get Porsche's latest side impact protection and rollover prevention schemes before we're plied with zero-to-60 numbers (4.7 seconds for the 4S, 5.1 for the 4) or top speeds (174 and 179, respectively). Strange days, indeed.


Nonetheless, the new cabrios are the first to get Porsche's new active suspension management, an option on the 4, but standard on the 911 4S. The system allows drivers to toggle between sports and touring modes.
Enginewise, the cabrios are similiarly equipped as their coupe siblings, with the 4 sporting the base, 3.6-liter flat six (325 hp) and the 4S getting the higher-output, 3.8-liter version (355 hp). The new 911 cabrios will be available in the US this November, at list prices of $87,100 for the 4 and $97,100 for the 4S.

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