This week Jalopnik buddy and noted speed fiend Alex Roy made the insanely great but also somewhat questionable decision to become a Porsche 928 owner. For some strange reason he let Travis and Raph drive it a bit, and they seemed impressed.


I'm a big fan of the V8-powered, cocaine-fueled failed replacement for the 911 as well, so now seems like as good a time as any to revisit a classic 928 ad from back in the day.


And this ad from the early-to-mid 80s does not disappoint, nor does it fail to showcase Porsche's monumental ego. Why put so much luxury into a performance car? Why put so much performance into a luxury car?

Because we're Porsche, Porsche says, and we don't know how to not be awesome. "At Porsche, excellence is expected."


Well la-dee-fucking-dah, Porsche. It's like standing next to the sun whenever you're around. Glad you think so highly of yourselves.

Notice the operative word there is excellence, and not reliability. This is the 928, after all.

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